Traffic concerns for Dungiven principal

The morning rush at schools in Dungiven. INLV5114-003KDR
The morning rush at schools in Dungiven. INLV5114-003KDR

A Dungiven school principal has expressed concern someone could be seriously injured outside his school because of busy traffic in the area.

Principal of St. Patrick’s College, Dungiven, Michael Gormley said the Curragh Road attracts heavy traffic in the mornings and afternoons when pupils are being dropped off and picked up.

“It’s quite a busy road because you have traffic that can be travelling up to 30 mph and, unless we are here giving close supervision all the time, all it takes is one child to step out in front of the bus or in front onto the road, and that would be a major concern,” Mr Gormley told the Journal. “What we are looking for is some type of traffic calming measures such as speed humps. The ideal scenario would be a pedestrian crossing but we’ve been informed several times that is not going to happen. We’ve been told the volume of traffic doesn’t justify the pedestrian crossing at this stage.”

Mr Gormley added: “It’s a concern and we endeavour always to have someone here for the buses, parents and kids to stop the unthinkable from


Local mum, Denise o’Connor said the volume of traffic in the area during the morning and afternoon rush is a concern.

“The traffic in the area is very congested and it’s scary because a child could easily dart out in front of a car,” said Denise.

Another local mum, who preferred not to be named, said: “The traffic can be crazy. You literally can’t move with cars and buses. It is very scary because it’s so congested. A child could get knocked down very easily.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Regional Development said TransportNI has met with education representatives, but “following an assessment it was found that the location did not meet the criteria for the provision of a controlled crossing.”