Traffic islands decision to be reviewed

Northland Sinn Féin councillor Maeve McLaughlin has said DRD Roads Service has agreed to review the decision to build controversial traffic islands on the Glen Road.

The traffic islands were introduced in the Glen Road several weeks ago and a number of local residents raised concerns about them. Residents claimed they were forced to drive on the wrong side of the street if cars were parked close to the traffic islands.

Several residents have called for the traffic islands to be removed.

Colr. McLaughlin said she met with Road Service officials to discuss the concerns of the residents, which were flagged up in door-to-door survey carried out by Sinn Féin.

“I met with DRD Road Service officials in Derry last week following receiving a high number of complaints from local residents calling for the removal of newly installed traffic islands along a section of the Glen Road.

“I told officials that residents are supportive of traffic safety measures along the road but feel that the traffic islands which have been installed simply aren’t working,” she explained.

The Northland councillor said she presented a number of alternatives to the Roads Service officials and added that they agreed to review the matter.

“I presented the recent survey carried out by Sinn Féin activists of homes along Glen Road and the suggestions from residents of what measures they feel should be introduced to rectify the situation.

“Road Service have now agreed to monitor the situation on the Glen Road over the next few months and carry out a review and take residents concerns on board,” she said.

Colr. Logue also said the views of local residents must be taken into account during the review. “During the meeting I also took the opportunity to raise the ongoing situation of traffic congestion of Park Avenue. Officials have told me that they are currently drawing up draft proposals for the street and that they with be fully consulting with local residents,” she said.