Traffic problems at the bottom of Beechwood

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Heavy traffic flows are creating gridlock, parking problems and increased air pollution next to a popular park on the Moor.

This has prompted calls for traffic calming measures.

Sinn Féin Councillor Sharon Duddy has said she has contacted the Department of Infrastructure (DfI) to see if there are any measures that could be installed at the junctions of Marlborough Terrace, Beechwood Avenue to keep traffic freely flowing at peak times of the day.

She said: “I have been receiving complaints about the constant gridlock of traffic at peak times of the day on Marlborough Terrace, Beechwood Avenue and Laburnum Terrace, with a particular problem for vehicles exiting and entering the junction at the bottom of Beechwood Avenue.”

Colr. Duddy said the congestion was creating a parking nightmare.

Backed-up cars idling as they make their slow progress through the area during rush hour are also pumping more and more nitrogen dioxide (NO2) out of their exhaust pipes immediately above the popular John Clifford Bull Park.

In 2013 NO2 levels at Marlborough Street/Creggan Hill, around the corner, were the highest observed in the North.

Colr. Duddy said it was becoming more of a parking and a public health issue.

“This is also causing problems for residents being able to park outside their homes, as well air pollution. Anyone who would travel through the area knows the problems both motorists and resident have to encounter on a daily basis.

“I have written to DfI to look at the possibility of introducing a Yellow Grid box at this junction or there may be some other solutions which would hopefully free up the traffic and help ease the gridlock,” she said.