Traffic wardens given cameras for safety

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Inishowen traffic wardens are now operating with CCTV cameras to enhance their personal safety while they work, it’s been revealed.

Donegal County Council is among one of the first local authorities in Ireland to introduce personal CCTV cameras for traffic wardens in a move which is in line with cities in the UK and throughout Europe.

John McLaughlin, Director of Roads and Transportation said: “Whilst this technology is widely used in other European countries including the UK, Donegal County Council is one of the first local authorities to introduce it here in Ireland.The overall aim of the personal CCTV camera is to provide for the personal

safety of traffic wardens while they are doing their job.”

Mr. McLaughlin continued: “These devices will not be operating on a continuous basis, however, if a traffic warden finds him or herself in a situation that could result in some form of confrontation they can advise the other person or persons that they are turning on the device to record proceedings.

Traffic wardens have been trained in using these devices and there are strict rules in place prohibiting the filming of children or minors. Most traffic wardens are working on their own and this device is about ensuring their personal safety while doing their job. We hope that it will not be needed too often but it is there as a safety precaution.

“Our research has shown that when the personal CCTV cameras are in place they are in fact a deterrent and have proved very effective in de-escalating potential conflict situations.”

Traffic wardens currently operate in Buncrana and five other towns around Donegal and are responsible for issuing parking tickets and on the spot fines for parking violations,