Transfer Test wait over tomorrow

A postman delivers Transfer Test results '' Photo by Simon Graham/Harrison Photography
A postman delivers Transfer Test results '' Photo by Simon Graham/Harrison Photography

Hundreds of primary seven pupils across the North West will tomorrow morning receive the results of their transfer tests, which will help determine what school they progress too this September.

Grammar schools in Derry have been using unregulated tests to select pupils since the 11 Plus exam was scrapped by the department of education in 2008.

Pupils have the option of two separate tests - AQE exams which are mostly used by state schools while Catholic schools mostly use GL Assessment exams.

Both results will be sent out to children who chose to take the test tomorrow morning.

Attempts to create a single, unofficial exam have failed and children aged 10 and 11 can opt to sit either exam, both or none.

This year as the seventh year the unregulated tests have been run and both exam bodies reported an increase on the number of children opting to take their tests.

The hour-long AQE exam in English and maths is similar to the format of the old 11 Plus exam, while the GL Assessment is a multiple choice test.

Academic selection has been the cause of much controversy since the abolition of the 11 Plus .

A number of grammar schools throughout the North have opted to turn away from the selection process. Just last week two Catholic grammar schools in County Tyrone announced they were planning to remove the use of academic selection for their year eight intake.

Omagh Christian Brothers’ School and Loreto Grammar, Omagh are to propose the change to the Education Authority.

They want the move on a phased basis from September 2017 “or as soon as possible”.

Currently all four of Derry’s grammar schools still base their year eight intake on academic selection.