Transform yourself from a ‘Couch Potato to Runner Bean’ with Valley Running Club

Pictured are all the programme participants who completed the Couch Potato to Runner Bean 10k run last year.
Pictured are all the programme participants who completed the Couch Potato to Runner Bean 10k run last year.

Valley Running Club is providing the people of Limavady and surrounding areas the opportunity to get fit for 2014/15 with the popular ‘Couch Potato to Runner Bean’ Training Programme returning this month.

The fitness initiative consists of a 10 week training programme culminating in a 5K run on Saturday, 4 October 2014.

The 5K event is organised in conjunction by Health for Life and Valley Running Club. It’s only £10 to register and for this you get a Technical Sport T-shirt, a 10 week training plan plus a goodie bag and the motivation and ability to turn your life around.

Valley Running Club coaches will guide participants through a 10 week training plan which is sure to get people off their comfortable couch and transform them to lean, keen runner beans.

Why is this 5k event so different to other 5k events? It’s simple, only people who have signed up to the Couch Potato to Runner Bean training programme can take part.

The event is not open to the public or seasoned road runners. So on the day of the event you can enjoy your achievement of running this event with your new running buddies.

If you’re afraid the programme is too advanced for you, don’t be! In December past Health For Life/Valley Running club held a similar event and the 60 people who took part completed it successfully and it was actually a 10K run following a 12 week training programme!

Participant Gillian McFarland Sweeney was delighted at her accomplishment after completing the run. She said: “If you had asked me two months ago could I run 10k I would have said never but today I did with the help of great friends I met through Valley Running Club!”

As it is a 10 week programme anyone interested must register to take part as soon as possible by either attending Registration on Tuesday, 12 August at Roe Valley Country park our by simply calling into Roe Valley Leisure Centre and signing up.

Participants must attend Valley Running Club training sessions 2-3 times per week in order to compete in the 5K run.

If it doesn’t suit you to complete the programme now, never worry, the programme will be repeated again in January with the 5k run taking place on Sunday, 8 March.

More details on this closer to the time.

Check out for more information and updates or contact Kieran Coyle at RVLC on 77764009 for more information.