Translink apologises over another Creggan bus delay

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Translink has apologised to passengers of the Creggan bus service who were left checking their watches again yesterday morning after an ‘operational issue’ delayed the 11.15 morning service to the estate.

The apology came after one regular bus user, Hugh Gallagher, contacted the ‘Journal’ to highlight why, in his view, the “Creggan bus ‘service’ is getting worse”.

He explained: “The 11.15 a.m. hourly service to Creggan was late again. After 10 minutes several customers phoned Belfast and were put on hold indefinitely - fobbed off. Two customers went across to the station to complain. They were told that a bus was coming from Gobnascale to pick them up shortly. Why? An Inspector then came across and apologised saying he could offer no excuse for the non-appearance of the bus. We explained that this was not the first time this had happened. The Creggan has had a bad service for years, has no late night buses and no Sunday service. My question is: do our politicians care or do they not count? Does Creggan Estate exist in their eyes? Too many OAPs perhaps! Is that the answer?

Translink said: “The 11.15 service from Creggan was delayed this morning due to an operational issue. We would like to apologise to affected customers. We want to resolve problems as quickly as possible so we can put things right for our customers.

“Passengers are encouraged to contact our customer services team through our website or call our contact centre on 028 90 666630.”