Appeal for witnesses after teenagers crash in Bridgend

An overturned car near Carrick Bridge near Bridgend. (OT0107AQ01)
An overturned car near Carrick Bridge near Bridgend. (OT0107AQ01)

At 10.05pm on Wednesday night four teenagers crashed their car in the Bonnemaine area of Bridgend.

The accident occurred when the driver of the car collided with the ditch.

The car then ended up on its roof.

Despite first appearances of the photo (above), the four people, three boys and one girl, were not seriously injured, though all received minor injuries.

The ambulance was called to the scene.

It is believed the driver and his passengers were extremely shook up by the accident.

A spokesperson from Buncrana gardai confirmed the single vehicle collision occurred just after 10pm and that there was an investigation pending.

Speaking yesterday the gardai source said: “This is in the early stages of at the minute, but the investigation into exactly how the accident happened is on going at the minute.

“We would encourage any witnesses to contact Burnfoot Gardai on 074 93 68105 with any information they have on the accident.”