By-pass need at Culmore


A local SDLP councillor believes a bypass at Culmore could end the “disgraceful scenes” outside a local school which this week saw one parent spat at and verbally abused.

The woman says an angry motorist spat in her face outside her daughter’s school in a fit of road rage.

The incident happened outside Culmore Primary School on Tuesday afternoon.

The victim said the man made obscene gestures and spat on her in front of her two-year-old son.

She says he shouted obscenities about parents on the school run causing traffic disruption, before spitting into her face.

She said it was a terrifying experience.

SDLP councillor Angela Dobbins is now urging DRD Road Service to “reignite” plans for a bypass at Culmore.

She said: “DRD Road Service should rethink their decision not to grant a bypass to the area because, as we have seen recently, the traffic congestion is leading to disgraceful instances against parents and a lollipop lady.

“The onus is now firmly on the Department for Regional Development to sort this problem out before it leads to serious problems. What happened to this parent is simply common assault.”