Concern over Glen Road islands

Glen Road residents have been urged to contact Road Service with concerns over the controversial traffic islands installed on the road earlier this year.

Sinn Féin councillor Maeve McLaughlin called on the residents to make their voices known to the body in an effort to have the islands removed.

Colr. McLaughlin said she is contacted “on a daily basis” by motorists complaining about the traffic islands.

The Northland colr. said that many drivers have said they have been forced to drive on the wrong side of the road if cars are parked too close to the islands.

Colr. McLaughlin said she met with Road Service officials on Friday to discuss the concerns. “I have been calling for a review of this decision since the islands were installed. There was no community consultation ahead of the move and while the Glen Road is in need of traffic calming measures, these islands are not the way forward.

“I met with Road Service on this matter that they were reluctant to consider removing the islands. They say they are not getting the level of complaints about the islands. I have handed them a petition stating that 92 per cent of respondents want the islands removed.

“I am calling on local residents to lodge their complaints with DRD Road Service so they are aware of the situation and keep this item on their agenda,” she said.

Colr. McLaughlin said an alternative traffic management system needs to be put in place in the area. “Residents and road users have told me that it can be a nightmare to try to get past these islands if the road is busy with parked cars. At time, people have been forced to drive on the wrong side of the road.

“People should write, email, or telephone the Road Service to make their concerns about theses islands known so that something can be done which will hopefully see the replacement of these islands with something more suitable,” colr. McLaughlin said.