Crescent Link traffic concern

Waterside Sinn Féin councillor Lynn Fleming has called for an urgent review of traffic management at the entrance to the Crescent Link Retail Park.

The former mayor made the call after being contacted by residents of Summer Meadows and other housing developments behind the retail park who have been caught up in long traffic queues of Christmas shoppers.

Colr. Fleming said; “I have received complaints from residents of Summer Meadows that they were encountering problems over vehicle access to the housing development during the past few weekends due to the high volume of traffic and congestion at the roundabout at the entrance of the retail park.”

The Waterside colr. said residents are also concerned about access for emergency vehicles. “The traffic was clogged back in all directions which caused great difficulty for motorists being able to get out into the flow of traffic. Many had to sit in a queue for over ten minutes.

“There are also concerns about emergency services being able to get through the traffic to get to Summer Meadows or one of the shopping outlets.

“Residents understand it will be busy during the Christmas shopping period but feel there needs to be measures put in place in the short term to alleviate the problem and in the longer term for introduction of a yellow traffic box junction,” she said.

Colr. Fleming said she intends to meet with DRD Road Service on the issue.