Derry roads get the hump for speeders

Three Derry roads are to get traffic calming humps to combat speeding.

Road humps are to be constructed at Springtown Road, Hillfort Road, Bards Hill and Corrody Road.

The Department of Regional Development’s move to clamp down on speeding has been welcomed by local representatives.

Sinn Féin Waterside Councillor Lynn Fleming said she was particularly keen to see work completed at Bards Hill and Corrody Road.

“I was contacted by residents of Bards Hill and Corrody Road requesting that consideration be given by DRD Road Service to the introduction of traffic calming measures there. This was an issue of great concern to local residents.

“Traffic flow at the moment is just too fast and is a danger to residents and road users alike. In particular there were concerns about children playing in the street and the need to reduce the speed of the traffic travelling through the area.”

The plans for Bards Hill include two sets of triple cushion type humps and one flat top road hump approximately five metres long and occupying the full width of the carriageway. The Corrody Road plans provide for the construction of three pairs of cushion type humps. The proposals for Springtown Road allow for five pairs of cushion type humps and a set of triple cushion type humps. The plans also include a ‘build-out’ approximately seven metres by 1.5 metres on one side of the carriageway to form a pinch point and

including one cushion type hump.

At Hillfort Road the plans include three pair of cushion type humps.

Objections to the proposals may be made to the Department for Regional Development, Roads Service.