Is this a roundabout or a car showroom?

The Skeoge roundabout (DER0714PG007)
The Skeoge roundabout (DER0714PG007)

A Derry resident has claimed that someone will be knocked down at Skeoge roundabout unless action is taken against vendors who are breaking the law.

The man, who asked not to be named said residents who live in the area are sick of people parking their cars at the side of the roundabout with ‘For Sale’ signs on them.

And he revealed that things got out of control during the Christmas period when there was a record number of 28 cars and vendors using the layby at the roundabout.

The Department of Regional Development say they are aware of the problem and have notified several vendors they are breaching the Roads order.

And the PSNI said they are continuing to monitor the situation.

The resident told the ‘Journal: “The situation has just got out of control.

“If we keep on going like this someone will be killed. We can have anything from 15 cars parked at the roundabout at the weekend.

“The problem is that other drivers then pull up to have a look at the cars for sale and that is where the danger is.

“Only recently a little girl narrowly missed being knocked down when she got out of the car to follow her father who got out of his vehicle to look at one of the cars for sale.

“This is just one incident in a series of near misses that have taken place.

“I’ve made several complaints to the police but the situation doesn’t get any better.

“But something has to be done.”

On Saturday the ‘Journal’ visited the roundabout at the junction between the Skeoge Road and Buncrana Road and found six cars and a van for sale.

We also saw several cars pull up at the roundabout and passengers get out and take a look at the cars for sale.

Yesterday when we visited the roundabout again there were four cars for sale by private vendors

A spokesperson for the PSNI said: “The Neighbourhood officer who was contacted by this resident has visited the area in question and at this stage there are no offences being committed.

“The officer has undertaken to monitor the issue and, if appropriate, seek advice from other agencies.”

A Department for Regional Development spokesperson said: “Roads Service has received complaints about this matter and is aware of the problem.

“We have notified the vendors that they were in breach of the Roads Order.

“We are aware that there are vehicles remaining at the location and we are making further investigations.”

Speaking about the situation at the Skeoge Sinn Féin Transport spokesperson Councillor Tony Hassan said: “This is one of the busiest roundabouts in the city and sees a heavy volume of cross border traffic each day.

“We must do all we can to help maintain and improve road safety.”