Long Tower traffic plans welcomed

Sinn Féin Councillor Patricia Logue has said that residents of street adjacent to Long Tower Court have opted for new parking arrangements in a bid to ease traffic problems in the area.

Henrietta Street, adjacent to Longtower Primary School is an access route to the nearby Long Tower Church and is regularly a site of parking problems.

“There have been problems for some time with access around Henrietta Street which has directly affected residents living in Long Tower Court. We carried out a survey of local people to see what they thought would be the best option to resolve the ongoing problems there with traffic congestion, parking and safety of residents.

“The overwhelming majority of residents surveyed have backed the option of a new lay out of the road with parking on one side of road, double yellow lines on the other with a new footpath. Hopefully this will address residents concerns and make it a lot safer for pedestrians and motorists,” colr. Logue said.