Parking concerns could jeopardise Creggan bus service

Creggan Sinn Féin councillor Kevin Campbell has said inconsiderate motorists are jeopardising the future of bus services to the estate after 6pm.

Colr. Campbell has said there are fears the bus service would be withdrawn over problems with parked cars at the junctions of William Street, Waterloo Street, and Strand Road.

“I have been contacted by Translink staff and constituents who would use the night time service to Creggan to raise concerns about ongoing problems the bus drivers are having to negotiate with inconsiderate parking in the area at night time.

“During the day time with the traffic wardens in the area and people adhering to the parking restrictions the traffic is usually free flowing but at 6pm it seems to be a free for all.

“People are just parking all over the place on the busy junction William Street /Waterloo Street/Strand Road. They are blocking the route of traffic, particularly for the Creggan bus.

“I have been told by one constituent the bus was held up at the junction one night for nearly twenty minutes and when the driver tried to ask people to move he just got a mouthful of abuse. Translink workers have told me it could come to the stage that drivers will refuse to do the Creggan run and ultimately the service could be put in jeopardy.

“This is an absolutely shocking situation. I am calling on DRD Road Service, PSNI and Translink to see what they come up with to bring a speedy resolution to this. We can’t lose this vital service due to inconsiderate motorists,” he said.