Protest over further railway delays

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A protest over fresh delays to the £multi-million improvement of Derry’s railway line will be staged in the city on Thursday.

The protest has been organised by lobby group Into The West, who have been at the helm of the campaign to secure what will now be a £40m upgrade.

The protest will take place at the Waterside railway station at 11.10am on Thursday November 6th.

Earlier this week Into The West called for an investigation after it emerged that the cost of the Derry rail upgrade will be almost twice original estimates from Translink.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy told the Assembly on Monday that the three-part rail project along the 30 km track from Derry to Coleraine would cost double Translink’s original estimate of £20m to £22m – which he described as “little more than a guesstimate”.

“There will now have to be an entire new tendering process,” a spokesman for Into The West said.“This means yet more delay. It was only last September that the completion date was put back by a year, to 2016. The problem at that time was put down to mistakes in the tendering process for new signalling equipment.

“Now we find that even that date won’t be met. This is intolerable. We need a no-holds-barred investigation into how this came about, with the findings published in full.”