Young people warned to stay away from railway

Young people in Strathfoyle have been warned to stay away from railway lines in the area.

Eamonn O’Donnell, support worker with the Enagh Youth Forum (EYF), says young people need to be aware of the dangers of playing on or near the train tracks.

“What might seem to be a bit of harmless fun or simple carelessness can quickly turn into a very dangerous situation.”

He says residents have become increasingly concerned over recent weeks.

“We would appeal to all local young people, teenagers and parents to be more aware of the dangers of playing on or near a railway line and instead would ask that these young people make contact with the youth forum team with a view to planning alterative positive pursuits for the summer.

Meanwhile Translink say many young people are oblivious to the dangers of playing on rail lines.

Lynda Shannon, Communications Manager at Translink, says there are very real dangers to “messing around” on tracks.

“They are putting themselves and the lives of other rail users at severe risk without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

The rules are simple, Think Safe - Stay Safe. Never play on or near tracks, stay clear of the platform unless you are using the train, don’t use the tracks as a shortcut and use railway crossings safely.”

Translink have also posted a series of near misses on Youtube to highlight the dangers of playing on railway lines as part of the company’s summer safety DEADLINE campaign.

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