Travel abroad reminder for child passports

Sinn F�in councillor Colly Kelly. (2707MM12)
Sinn F�in councillor Colly Kelly. (2707MM12)

Sinn Féin’s Councillor Colly Kelly has reminded anyone travelling abroad to ensure that any accompanying children need to have their own passports.

Colr. Kelly said anyone planning to travel with their children should make sure they have the correct documentation.

“My office has been contacted by a number of families whose travel arrangements have ended in chaos because they were refused entry to particular countries due to children not having separate passports. Irish passport holders in particular planning to travel abroad for any reason should ensure not only that their own documentation is in order but that any travelling children possess separate passports. “Although Irish authorities allow inclusion of children under a certain age to be included on a parent’s passport many other countries no longer accept this form of documentation for children,” he said.

Colr. Kelly said that he is aware of cases where people have had to cancel holidays because of confusion over passports.

“Unfortunately the difference in regulations has resulted in families losing holidays and even in some instances being stranded in foreign countries when refused permission to continue a journey. Therefore I urge anyone intending to travel with children to enquire before you book flights etc, about entry regulations to any country you intend to visit. The best solution is to have individual travel documents for each person travelling.

“Considering that there is a ten-day turnaround period with the Irish Passport Express service, anyone planning to travel abroad in the near future should check now to make sure their passports are in order,” he said.