Trevor’s Terrific ‘Winning streak’

In what was one of the best bits of television in quite some time Burt man Trevor Curran picked up a cool 74,000 euro on Saturday night’s ‘Winning Streak

Speaking with the Journal yesterday Trevor, now domiciled in Carrigans, said on his way to Dublin at the weekend he was happy to know that he would pick up a miniu m of 12,000 euro.

“When I nearly went out of the game on 31,000 I was happy with that too. It was 31,000 more than I started with! But to get the chance to go for the big prize was amazing. “

With his partner, Louise and his two young children, Leah and Sophie and other family members there to cheer him on Trevor said it was a ‘brilliant evening’.

He added: “Louise and myself are getting married next February so this will help with that. In fact it will help with a whole lot of things!”

Trevor is the son of William and Susan Curran.