Tributes paid to 'shining star' Philippa Reynolds on fifth anniversary of manslaughter

Philippa Reynolds.
Philippa Reynolds.

The colleagues of the late Philippa Reynolds who was killed when her unmarked police car was struck by a speeding 4x4 at Dale's Corner in 2013 have paid tribute to a lost 'shining star' of the local police force.

The PSNI at Strand Road paid tribute to the 27-years-old PSNI officer on the fifth anniversary of her death on Friday.

In a moving statement, the PSNI said: "Five years ago today [Friday] our colleague and friend Philippa Reynolds went to work and never came home.

"Philippa was tragically killed when her police vehicle was struck by a stolen car driven by a drugged up, drunk driver.

"We remember Philippa as a joyful, encouraging and respectful woman who served this community with pride.

"Five years ago the Reynolds family lost a shining star and the police lost a dedicated officer."

Two men were convicted of involvement in the fatal road traffic accident.

Shane Christopher Frane, c/o Maghaberry, who was driving the stolen 4x4, which crashed into Constable Reynolds' unmarked police car on February 9, 2013, pleaded guilty to her manslaughter alongside a series of related charges, including burglary, criminal damage and driving whilst unfit in early 2014.

He was sentenced to a minimum of six years' imprisonment.

His co-accused Conor Tyrone Clarence, of Bonds Hill, who admitted aggravated vehicle taking causing death, burglary and criminal damage, has since completed a three-and-a-half year sentence.