Tropical island dream for local couple

Sabrena and Killian pictured on a previous trip to Croatia. (290411JC11)
Sabrena and Killian pictured on a previous trip to Croatia. (290411JC11)
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Tired of a stressful life? Dreaming of escape? Well, one local couple are so determined to make the most of life, they packed in their jobs and will today jet away to build a new life on a remote island off Honduras in the Caribbean.

Buncrana woman Sabrena Dunford (nee Doherty) and her husband of two years, Killian, were weary of the rat-race and are now en route to the tiny tropical island of Utila, the third largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ before they departed, 33 year-old Sabrena revealed why they had made such a bold decision - much to the envy of all those around them!

“We were always too busy and always stressed with work and so we thought we may as well go away and just live more,” Sabrena says with a smile.

“We were working all the time and had no time to actually enjoy life, so now we’re finally doing something about it. We wanted to make the most of life before we settle down and think about babies.”

“We both love travelling and have been to Europe, Asia, the USA, Australia and India, and the travel bug just got us. But this time we decided it was time to try actually living abroad.

“We have absolutely no timescale either, and so we’ll just give it a try and see how it goes!”

“Besides, things are really down in Ireland at the minute, what with the economy and all that, so maybe things will have picked up before we decide to come back.”

Both Sabrena and 32 year-old Killian recently completed a combined TEFL course so they can turn their hand to teaching English if need be as a means of income.

Sabrena, who also studied at the North West Regional College here in the city, had been a manager at Ability West in Galway, an organisation dealing with people with learning difficulties. Although she loved her job, she found the stresses and strains of everyday living were beginning to get her down.

Likewise, her husband Killian was the CEO of Westport Chamber of Commerce and craved an easier lifestyle.

Just two weeks ago they worked their last shift and packed up their belongings.

“I actually threw out most of my clothes in the past few weeks,” Sabrena revealed.

“I didn’t see the point in keeping everything we had accumulated and we are making a fresh start so now we have very little possessions! It was really liberating getting rid of everything!”

The couple are planning to relocate to Spain eventually, but not before they have lived island life to the full in Utila.

But why Utila Island, I ask her?

“I always wanted to go to central America and I saw photos of Utila on the Internet and we thought - why not? It’s a good place to start.. and Killian and I both love scuba diving and I’m not coming home until I see a Whale Shark!”