Trump is Netanyahu’s chief canvasser: Farrell

SDLP candidate for the Ballyarnett District Electoral Area, Rory Farrell, has told a rally at Free Derry Corner that US President Donald Trump has become chief canvasser for Israeli premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, ahead of Knesset elections in Israel next week.

Saturday, 6th April 2019, 9:58 am

Mr. Farrell said: “A year has passed since we witnessed the deaths of nearly 200 Palestinians and the wounding of a further nine thousand by Israeli forces. Those killed and injured were protesting against the forced removal of their families from their homes. They were protesting against Israeli aggression and oppression.

“They were protesting against systematic discrimination. They were protesting against indiscriminate attacks by Israeli military on schools, hospitals and other vital infrastructure.

“They were protesting against mass unemployment. They were protesting against the blockade of Gaza. And they were protesting against a lack of medical supplies and a lack of clean water. In short, they were killed and maimed for protesting for the civil rights. And we are here tonight protesting with them.”

He derided Mr. Netanyahu’s and Mr. Trump’s ‘cosy relationship’ and the US administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“Netanyahu has an election to win and Trump is his chief canvasser. Trump cannot be trusted to be an honest broker when it comes to Israel and Palestine. The leader of the free world has no interest whatsoever in freedom for Palestine. The international community must intervene. No-one in their right mind finds Israel’s behaviour acceptable and no-one in their right mind thinks that it should be tolerated. My message to Palestine is: the SDLP stands with you; Derry stands with you; and Ireland stands with you,” said Mr. Farrell.