Truth for Danielle campaign launched

A new fund has been launched to assist in the long, costly process of attaining justice for Danielle McLaughlin, the Buncrana woman murdered in India three weeks ago.

Tuesday, 4th April 2017, 9:29 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:53 pm
The late Danielle McLaughlin

Truth For Danielle has been set up by family and friends of Danielle, who was laid to rest in her hometown last Thursday.

In order to raise additional funds a song has been released through CDBaby which will also appear on all major online music retailers (Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google).

The song, The Fire of Hope - a song for Danielle McLaughlin, was written and performed by Buncrana native Paul Caldwell.

Paul moved to Vancouver, Canada, and he iscurrently in studio, recording his debut album. The first single set to be released, as per the wishes of her friends and family, is a song written for his late friend, Danielle McLaughlin.

All proceeds from the single will be donated to the ‘Truth For Danielle’ Fund.

Speaking about the single, Paul said: “The inspiration for this song was a way of coming to terms with the sad and tragic death of a friend I’ve known since childhood. Not only did we go to the same school and grow up at the same time, we also lived in Liverpool at the same time and frequently bumped into each other around the city. The last contact I had with Danielle was when she reached out to me for advice about moving to Canada, where I now live. I told her the ins and outs and what to expect.

“I was deeply saddened when I received a phone call from home telling me the terrible news. I thought about how she was about to go on a journey, the same one that I had, moving to Canada or elsewhere. For her plans to be cut short so tragically, it left me with a feeling of loss.

“Danielle was the happiest, most caring, and loving girl I think I ever knew. She was always smiling and full of energy. Learning about her death inspired me to write this song, and provided me with a way of dealing with the passing of a beautiful soul. And for those who have faith in something or nothing,”