‘Turn in scum-of-the-earth drug dealers’ - Colr

Sinn Fein Colr. Brenda Chivers.  (DERR1111SJ10)
Sinn Fein Colr. Brenda Chivers. (DERR1111SJ10)

There have been calls to turn in “scum of the earth” drug dealers after children stumbled across a stash of drugs at a Limavady school.

Sinn Fein Colr. Brenda Chivers made the call after two bags of suspected drugs - one containing tablets and one containing a white substance - were found on October 12th at the rear of Limavady Central Primary School.

The ‘Journal’ understands it was pupils who came across the suspected drugs and the matter was reported to police at 1.00 pm that day. Police seized the two bags, the contents of which have been forwarded for further forensic examination.

A Central P.S. spokesperson moved to reassure parents: “it has robust policies in place to deal with such issues,” stating: “The principal became aware of a suspicious substance found on the perimeter of the school. The principal acted immediately to inform the relevant authorities, including the PSNI and the issue is now being investigated.The school wishes to reassure parents that it has robust policies in place to deal with such issues and that an age appropriate drug and alcohol education programme is delivered to pupils throughout the academic year. The safety and wellbeing of our pupils is our primary concern at all times.”

Colr. Chivers said she wasn’t surprised by the incident because “the people who deal in drugs don’t have any regard for anyone but themselves in order to feed their habit. The people who left it there are scum of the earth, and if anyone has information they need to give it to the authorities to take these people out of society. Turn them in before a tragedy happens. They are putting children’s lives at risk, children who don’t realise what they are picking up may be fatal.” said Colr. Chivers.