Two security alerts declared on route of Apprentice Boys parade


Two security alerts has been declared along the route of the Apprentice Boys of Derry parade this afternoon.

One alert it is at the city’s railway station where the parade began this morning. Police are currently evacuating the station and the surrounding area and the other is on Spencer Road at the Quarry Steps leading to Gobnascale.

A statement from the PSNI, released in the last few minutes said: “Police in Londonderry are currently in attendance at security alerts in the Quarry Steps area of Spencer Road and the railway station following the report of objects having been left both areas.

Area Commander, Chief Inspector Tony Callaghan said, “The railway station has been evacuated and the line between Coleraine and Derry closed as a search of the area is conducted. Cordons are in place and the Foyle Arena has been opened for anyone inconvenienced by the alerts. There are no further details at this time.”

1,500 marchers and 30 bands took part in today’s parade. The parade had passed off peacefully through the city centre. At 1pm several dozen republicans held a protest at Shipquay Street.