'UFOs' spotted over North West

Reports have been made of an unidentified flying object, described as a "ball of orange," over the north west during the Christmas period.

Seven stargazers claim to have have spotted a UFO hovering over Fahan - or could it have been Santa on his sleigh?

It appears the group of people-turned X-File detectives spotted round lights in the sky on Christmas eve.

The awe-struck witnesses first thought the two orange-coloured lights was a helicopter or plane before realising they were too far apart and too low to be either.

The Big Question - Do you believe in UFOs?

The group, who have not been identified, were so wowed by the sighting they decided to investigate further in the hope of discovering if anyone else had also saw what they believed to be a UFO.

They even posted information of their sighting on a UFO worldwide sightings website, called www.ufoinfo.com.

Their submission reads: "I noticed two lights in the sky.

"They were an orange colour like street lights. They were far apart but moved together.

"I thought it was a helicopter or airplane but they were too far apart and too low. there was no noise at all.

"They moved across the sky maintaining the same distance from each other. I found your site after Googling UFO in News, sounds like a recent report from Scotland. I'd be really interested in finding out what the objects were."

Meanwhile a family of three witnessed a sighting over Limavady at 4.58pm on Christmas Day.

"Whilst out in the courtyard for some fresh air after Christmas dinner I saw a very bright fiery object in the sky directly overhead," the witness wrote on www.hbccufo.org

"My first impressions where that it was a plane on fire because of the intense orangey red light emanating from the object. However, it slowed down to a standstill at which stage I ran for a witness; my son and his wife duly came out and confirmed the sighting.

"At this stage the object started to move in a northerly direction and the fieriness of the object changed into three circular disks in a triangular formation as it moved away. It must have been at low altitude as it was under the cloud cover. My grandson reckoned it was Santa Claus going home after a busy night!"

The festive sighting is not the first in Limavady.

On February 13, 2008, other witnesses reported a similar sighting.

"While having a cigar in the back garden I noticed a three-line formation of lights orange in appearance," wrote one man on www.ufoinfo.com

"The three lights were blurry, but flashing quite large in size compared to a normal airplane.

"They travelled in a south to north direction covering the line of sight in approximately 15 seconds a lot faster than a normal plane would travel."

If you have also seen the mystery object, we would like to hear from you. Please contact our Derry Journal reporter, Donna Pryce on 048 7127 2277 or email donna.pryce@derryjournal.com

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