Ugandan children express thanks for local donations of money, footballs and Malaria treatment

The grateful principal of a Ugandan school has spoken of the pupils’ delight at receiving money for meals and footballs, as well as funding Malaria treatment, after a recent event in Inishowen.

Sunday, 14th July 2019, 5:21 pm
Updated Sunday, 14th July 2019, 6:21 pm
Children at the 'Beaver Away' schools play with the balls.

Dorothy Nantongo is the founder of ‘Beavers Away’ school in Uganda which has been significantly supported by Whitecastle man Albert Doherty and all those who have attended his fundraisers in the peninsula.

Recently, due to the success of those events and following a substantial donation from a good friend of Albert’s, the pupils and the teachers were able to move from their previous school building, made from mud, to a brand new school brick building with five classrooms.

Money is also sent from Inishowen to ensure the children receive a meal each day, with produce from local farmers.

The most recent fundraiser was a variety concert in Greenbank Hall, Quigley’s Point last month, which was a great success.

Via Mr Doherty, Ms Nantongo sent a letter to the Journal, thanking all those who attended the event and provided entertainment.

She said: “I express my sincere thanks to our dear guests for the big turn up on that day. Your contribution towards the meal and the balls was highly appreciated. The children now have the balls to play with and are very happy. Thank you so much for making them joyful. This is very important because it helps them not only to be fit but also motivates them to learn. We all know very well a happy child grasps the things easily - in this you have also made our teaching easy.”

Ms Nantongo also revealed that the money has also helped the children who contracted malaria.

She said: “We have received some money and this has helped us treat our children since Malaria has been very rampant in this month of June and the children are now well. “

She continued: “I cannot forget to thank so much for feeding the children. Your contributions towards feeding has done a great job to the school. It is the key to every thing because nothing goes well on an empty stomach. So, you have kept the school going due to this support. The school appreciates and holds all your help dearly.” See for school updates.