Peter Casey to run as General Election candidate in Donegal and Dublin West

Derry man Peter Casey is to run as an Independent candidate in both the Donegal and Dublin West constituencies in the south.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 1:19 pm
Peter Casey

After lodging his papers for the Dublin West constituency this morning (Wednesday), Mr Casey said he is ‘fully committed’ to taking a business approach to getting things done for Donegal in the 33rd Dáil, despite also putting his name to the ballot paper in Dublin West.

Mr Casey said he is simultaneously contesting the election in the Dublin constituency for the sole reason of giving people there an opportunity to register “an obvious protest vote” against Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

He said: “My heart is in Donegal and I’m committed to delivering for our county in Dáil Éireann. I live in Donegal, I employ people in Donegal, I vote in Donegal and would be honoured to represent the people of Donegal. I will take a business approach in order to get things done in Donegal.

“Yes, I have put my name on the ballot paper in Dublin West, but only to give people a chance to register an obvious protest vote against the worst Taoiseach in living memory. I’m also placing a series of ads in local Dublin press and erecting billboards stating the reasons people shouldn’t vote for him.

“He has presided over so many disasters during his term and has made countless political u-turns. His well-funded machine may well attempt to tag me as a so-called populist for doing this, but the people of Ireland will not be fooled. Even the biggest PR spend in Government history, couldn’t spin away his big-mouthed gaffes, embarrassing about-turns on policy and low moral compass. It’s is truly astonishing that he squandered €1.8m on spin to promote his image in just his first 18 months as Taoiseach. It’s an utterly disgraceful waste of public money as people are dying as a result of chronic underfunding for essential services such as health and housing.

“The Taoiseach’s string of failures is recorded for all to see. There’s the swing-gate and fob-gate scandals, the National Children’s Hospital disgrace, the broadband spending debacle, the unprecedented crises in health and housing – list goes on and people have had enough.

“On a more personal note, he was very close to breaching the constitution in the Presidential election when he asked people not to vote for me.

“People are right to be angry and that’s why I’m giving them the opportunity to voice their anger directly by voting for me in Dublin West.”

However, Donegal is the priority for Mc Casey, who lives in Greencastle in Inishowen.

“Donegal needs a strong independent voice and that’s something that has been sadly lacking.

“My primary goal is to represent my home county of Donegal. The people of our county deserve an alternative voice, one which reflects their views. They want someone who will get things done in a business-like fashion, someone who will listen to their problems and work hard to deliver real solutions. That’s my pledge to the people of Donegal.

“People are dying because of a critical deficit in services at Letterkenny General Hospital, lives are at risk as home crumble while the Government backtracks on delivering redress for those devastated by Mica.

“Hard working families are being terrorised by the VRT police, our fishing communities are crippled by the gestapo-like tactics of the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority, our farmers face their biggest crises in history with unsustainable price cuts, carbon tax and the Brexit fallout.

“I am committed to battling for Donegal people on all of these fronts while striving for long-overdue infrastructure improvements, championing increased cross-border co-operation, and working tirelessly to bring more businesses and job creation to our county.

“I am setting up 24-7 online response centre where people can be assured of proper representation from a politician who will act promptly and professionally on their behalf.

“It’s time for a business approach to politics in Donegal - let’s get things done together.”