Video: Abandonment of land beside Derry play park raised no objections, Infrastructure Committee told

The abandonment of a section of land beside a Derry play park prompted no objections, the Stormont Infrastructure Committee has heard.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 5:12 pm

Ulster Unionist Party MLA Roy Beggs queried the decommissioning of 190 square metres of land at Bann Drive beside the Irish Street Community Centre and park.

Rory Duddy, an official with the Department of Infrastructure, explained to the committee that the road consisting of two areas of footpath was originally abandoned as part of an improvement scheme when the Irish Street park was being developed.

Mr. Beggs said he had some concerns about the elimination of the section of walkway.

The corner of Bann Drive and Dennett Gardens.

“Looking at the drawing I have no issue with the northerly path where I can see an alternative footpath is provided but on the southerly section it would appear we are abandoning a footpath and it’s mentioned it’s an environmental improvement scheme but I’m seeking reassurance that that encompasses a footpath for the public or are we leaving a section of road without a footpath outside a community centre?” he asked.

Mr. Duddy replied: “No section has been abandoned. There will be a footpath going the whole way round. There’s part of it that does go to the opposite side of the road on Bann Drive but there is a footpath linking from the community centre the whole way round.”

The DfI expert further explained that there had been no objections to the abandonment locally.

“None whatsoever. All frontagers were spoken to, the local community.

“I personally was at the community centre, spoke with all the representatives there. They all welcomed the decision. There wasn’t a single objection,” he said.