Video: Boris Johnson tells Gregory Campbell only those injured through 'no fault of their own' will qualify for Troubles payments

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told DUP MP Gregory Campbell that victims of the conflict will only qualify for a Troubles-related incident Victims Payment Scheme if they were injured through 'no fault of their own.'

Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 1:30 pm

Mr. Campbell said: "The Prime Minister will be aware we''ve been pressing for some time for a pension for innocent victims of violence in Northern Ireland."

He asked Mr. Johnson: "Can he update the House on the programme made thus far and give an absolute assurance that those in receipt of such a pension are innocent victims and will not include those perpetrators who were injured by their own actions?"

The Prime Minister replied: "Obviously we have every sympathy for innocent victims of violence in Northern Ireland and we've been consistently clear that the principal that those who have sustained injuries - it must have happened through no fault of their own - that principal will be sustained throughout the negotiations."

Gregory Campbell