Unity of Purpose group condemn recent attacks

Superintendent Mark McEwan, District Commander for Derry and Strabane. Photo Lorcan Doherty  / Press Eye
Superintendent Mark McEwan, District Commander for Derry and Strabane. Photo Lorcan Doherty / Press Eye

The Unity of Purpose group has condemned the recent spate of attacks on the homes and property of Sinn Fein elected representatives and activists in Derry.

The Unity of Purpose group is comprised of local MLAs, MPs, MEPs, statutory, business and community leaders and their focus is to work together to promote peace and prosperity for the city and the region.

“The Unity of Purpose group unreservedly condemns the attacks against the people of this city over the last number of days. Once again we have witnessed attacks against people’s property, threats against local politicians in their own homes and bombs placed in residential areas,” said a Unity of Purpose spokesperson.

“These attacks against the people of this city have created an atmosphere of fear and a heightened sense of threat across the city. We particularly condemn those attacks in built up areas that have subjected local people to terror and fear in their own homes.

“We believe that the collective will of the people of this city and region is that we live together in peace in a shared city that respects and values diversity. That by working together we will overcome division and create opportunities for a better future for all, especially our young people. Violence has no place in our city and brings nothing but pain and misery for those who have been subjected to these latest threats and attacks.”

The spokesperson went on to call on those behind the attacks to cease immediately.

“For those who would continue to advocate the use of force, threat or violence against any of our people or any part of our city, we say ‘put away your guns and bombs and bring to an end the misery caused by violence.’

“Any attack against any part of the city and region or against any person or people in or of the area is an attack against the interests of everyone and against the future wellbeing of this city and its people.”

Superintendent Mark McEwan, the police commander for Derry City and Strabane, welcomed the Unity of Purpose group statement.

“The PSNI are committed to keeping people safe, and it is the people of this city that have been put at risk by the reckless attacks we have witnessed. Not only the planting of bombs in residential areas that could have killed or seriously injured people in the street and nearby houses, but the same applies when a vehicle is set alight beside a person’s home and in a residential street.

“We will continue to dedicate our efforts to protecting the people of this city, we will endeavour to minimise any disruption this will bring, and would only ask for their patience and forbearance,” he said.