Ursula’s almost six stones lighter

WOW...Ursula, after the weight loss. 1701SJ91
WOW...Ursula, after the weight loss. 1701SJ91

Ursula O’Kane from Limavady had been the brunt of people’s jokes for too long.

Overweight, Ursula was laughed at in school and throughout her life she had been constantly talked about for all the wrong reasons.

Ursula, before her dramatic weight loss. 1701SJ80

Ursula, before her dramatic weight loss. 1701SJ80

At the young age of 24 she found herself stuck in a rut, never wanting to go out to socialise on an evening with her friends, always hiding from a camera, and she found it embarrassing to take her kids to the swimming pool for fear of people commenting and judging her.

The final straw came after Ursula received some photos of her friend’s wedding where she was bridesmaid, and this opened her eyes to the reality of her weight and decided that the time had come to change her life for good but, as all of us know, good intentions don’t always happen.

Walking down the street that week, she happened to see a poster for her local Slimming World group and decided that even though she had tried it before several times and given up, this time was going to be different. This time she was willing to make the small changes necessary and not quit until she got to target. With her family’s help and support, Ursula embarked on her final journey with Slimming World, joining the Tuesday evening group in Christchurch, Limavady.

Within five months Ursula had lost over three stone, securing the group’s Woman of the Year 2011 award and the much coveted Miss Slinky award. Ursula reached her Personal Achievement Target just in time for Christmas and is now a permanent 5½ stones lighter.

“Now Ursula can laugh off anything because she feels on top of the world. When she heard some people joke that she had lost the weight by having a Gastric band fitted, she laughed at them and said she did indeed have a great Consultant!” said a spokesperson. (Fiona is Ursula’s Slimming World Consultant who runs the groups in Christ church on a Tuesday at 9.30am, 11.30am, 5.30pm and 7.30pm).

Ursula contributes so much of her success to the tips and advice she gains in group each and every week.

She says: “Food Optimising is great because you can eat as much Free Foods and Superfree Foods as you need to satisfy even the biggest appetite. And there’s no weighing or measuring required. There are so many different and exciting recipes that I don’t think I will ever get bored.”

Having changed her own eating habits for life, Ursula and her family are now supporting all Slimmer’s in Limavady by offering a range of low fat, filling meals including daily specials in her mums Café Spud Murphy’s.

Since the change in Ursula’s lifestyle she now has the energy and enthusiasm to participate in the local Zumba and Body Combat classes and thinks nothing of taking the plunge with her little girl in the Mother and Toddler’s at the local pool.

To find your nearest group, visit www.slimmingworld.com or ring Fiona on 07756918201 or Joanne on 07540275597.