‘Valberg’ launched as e-book

A new type of multi-media eBook - produced by Guildhall Press and the Hive Studio, in partnership with the University of Ulster - is to be launched this week as part of the Foyle Film Festival.

The ‘enhanced eBook’, which is being issued under the folio Atmos Books, is an adaptation of the 2013 crime thriller ‘Valberg’, written by Derry lawyer, Desmond Doherty.

It includes all the usual features of an eBook but also encompasses specially created, atmospheric sound, visual and film inserts.

‘It’s effectively a hybrid platform,’ explained Hive Technical Director Kevin Hippsley.

‘It adds a visual/sound dimension to the book at key points – imagine it as a visual soundtrack for a book.

“The reader can enjoy an enhanced atmospheric experience, which complements the narrative of the book without being a distraction.

“Once downloaded, the enhanced features are embedded and don’t require further access to wi-fi.

“We don’t link off to external sites or assets – this minimises the distraction factor – keeping the reader focused on the key content of the book, i.e. the story.

“The twenty or so ‘atmos’ inserts for ‘Valberg’ were specially commissioned and created by ourselves in conjunction with UU creative partners, Jim Curran and Vincent O’Callaghan.

“They include filmic images and soundscapes from various locations where action takes place in the book.’

Next Thursday’s launch will be attended by the BAFTA-winning producer Andrew Eaton, whose seminal feature film ‘Resurrection Man’ will also be

screened, and by Jim Curran of the University of Ulster School of Media, who was special advisor on the project.

The Valberg launch will start at 4.30pm, with the screening of ‘Resurrection Man’ beginning at 7.30pm.

‘Valberg’ is Desmond Doherty’s debut novel.

It’s about a brutal assassin with a sinister past who is stalking Derry, creating mayhem and fear across the historic city.

The narrative follows flawed police detective Jon Valberg and his close-knit team as they pursue the killer through the darkened streets of Derry unaware that the murderer is actually closer to them than they think.