Vandals attacks new houses at Bligh’s Lane

The new housing development attacked by vandals at the weekend. (3105SL29)
The new housing development attacked by vandals at the weekend. (3105SL29)

A local councillor has called for an end to vandalism attacks on a major social housing project at Bligh’s Lane.

Sinn Féin councillor Patricia Logue made the appeal after a number of incidents of vandalism at the former United Technologies site in recent weeks.

It is believed young people damaged a fence to gain access to the site at night.

Colr. Logue said; “I was contacted by a number of local residents to ask me to make an appeal to parents in the area to ensure that their children were not trying to get into the site at night time.

“The residents had stopped a number of young people damaging the fence to gain access and others who had got in and started to mess about with building materials were asked to leave the site. “

The Sinn Féin colr. also raised concerns at reports that young people have been seen climbing on scaffolding at the building site.

“Residents have reported that teenagers have been climbing across the rooftops of the new houses and climbing the scaffolding around the site,” she said.

People living nearby have also expressed fears that fires could be started in the site with leftover wood.

“There is a fear that it’s only a matter of time before a fire is started in one of the houses under construction and that it could spread quite rapidly due to the timber frames,” she said.

The former deputy mayor also said local people fear the major social housing project could be delayed if the vandalism attacks continue.

“Work at this site could take up to two years to complete so its very important that what ever extra security measures needed are put in place as soon as possible to prevent any accidents taking place or work on the very important housing project being stalled,” she said.

One local resident said; “These houses are needed and we had our say on the design ahead of the work starting and now we want to see it completed as soon as possible so hopefully it won’t be delayed by these vandalism attacks.”