Vanishing road markings causing major concern

Worn away zebra crossing near William Street.
Worn away zebra crossing near William Street.

Bogside residents are concerned about road markings in the area which have worn away over time.

Some Zebra Crossings have faded so badly that residents said motorists struggle to see the road markings when approaching the crossings.

“It’s really dangerous - I feel I am taking my life into my hands every time I take the children down the town,” said Bogside mum of two, Deirdre Bonner.

As a sign of their anger and concern, local residents, including Ms. Bonner, have contacted local Sinn Fein Councillor for the area, Colly Kelly.

“I am calling on Transport N. I. to make the Bogside a key priority for a road marking scheme before we head into the into the dark winter months. This area of the city sees thousands of cars and pedestrians passing though it on a weekly basis. It’s also a tourist hub and access point to the night time economy in the city centre,” said Colr. Kelly.