‘Verge of suicide’ over abuse and harassment

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Two Shantallow women have claimed they have been subjected to ‘torment’ in an ongoing campaign of abuse and harassment.

The women, from Bradley Park, claim they have been verbally and physically abused by a number of individuals living in the area over a sustained period of time.

Jacqueline Friars, a 30 year-old mother of two, who was brought up in the estate in Shantallow, told the ‘Journal’ that if it wasn’t for her children she might have taken her own life “a long time ago” as a result of what’s been happening.

“I was on the verge of a breakdown so many times because if it,” she said. “I have had my car badly damaged by these people, I’ve been physically assaulted by them several times and they are constantly intimidating me. I don’t even know why.”

Another woman, who says she has moved home “because of a campaign of abuse”, said: “They got rid of me from the estate and they won’t stop until they get rid of Jacqueline. They are just getting away with it.

“They won’t be happy until she is either dead or out of there,” she alleged.

“The Housing Executive should do something about these people.

“When I was living there they put out stories about my family.

“It’s time something was done about the intimidation. I was on the verge of suicide before I finally decided to move away.”

In the latest incident, Ms Friars claims she was attacked while on her way to work last Friday.

She told the ‘Journal’: “I got out of my car and one of them carrying two sticks came right up into my face and shouted abuse.

“When I walked towards the house she threw one of the sticks at me and then came after me and swung a big wooden stick and hit me on the leg, leaving a massive bruise.”

The latest incident has driven Mrs Friars to go public this week.

“There must be something that can be done to stop these people from harassing and abusing people,” she stated.