Victims urged to air their views at legacy meeting

Vincent Coyle.
Vincent Coyle.

THE uncle of a murdered Derry man has urged other families who were victims of the ‘Troubles’ to take part in a meeting in Derry focusing on fresh legislation dealing with the past.

Vincent Coyle - whose nephew Kieran was killed five years ago - said a senior government official tasked with dealing with legacy, will be present at the event, which is due to take place IN the Maldron Hotel (formerly Tower Hotel) on Butcher Street this Wednesday at 2.00 p.m.

Vincent Coyle.

Vincent Coyle.

Mr. Coyle said that it was absolutely vital now that local victims and the families of those killed and maimed in the ‘Troubles’ are given their chance to air their views on what needs to be contained in any new laws to be presented before Westminster.

Mr. Coyle, who has requested the information and consultation event in Derry, said his own family would be keen to hear what such a process would entail. Mr. Coyle’s nephew Kieran was found dead on the Braehead Road near Termonbacca on February 24th, 2010.

The 31-year-old had been stripped and bound before he was shot dead.

The dissident republican group, the Real I.R.A., later claimed responsibility for the killing.

“People have been asking about this issue and this meeting is about exploring the legislation that will be brought forward at Westminster, what the legislation means for people in dealing with the past and how it will help victims. Every mother’s tear weighs the same and people from all sides who want to have this legislation explained to them are welcome,” said Mr. Coyle.

“What we need to do is find a solution. We have got to get this right. There may be something that helps you in that legislation, and something that can help the legislation to be accepted.

“This is about giving people the chance to take ownership of the issue and to explain to them what is being done in their name and whether they agree with that.

“We must be very careful about this legislation. If they do not get this right it will be a clear signal to those involved in violence that they can do what they want and they won’t spend a day in jail.

“The government need to set a clear precedent. They need to get this right.”