VIDEO: First snows of winter arrive

People across the North West woke up to a winter wonderland as the first snows arrived with a bang overnight, with warnings of more to come.

The unexpected snow blanket descended over Derry and Donegal in the early hours of Tuesday morning, catching many people by surprise and leaving some roads almost impassable.

The view over Derry this morning.

The view over Derry this morning.

There was traffic gridlock across many areas of Derry during the rush hour as people tried to get to work or bring their children to school.

There were also reports of traffic moving at a snail’s pace across many areas of Inishowen and County Derry.

And it looks like there will be more wintery conditions to come.

The forecast for tonight is for clear periods and scattered snow showers, heavy at time with some moderate falls of snow on higher ground. Sub-zero temperatures are also being predicted for tonight.

The Met Office has also issued a warning that Wednesday is expected to bring more snow showers, but these are expected to die out in the morning, to be replaced by widespread heavy rain and gales.

Snow flurries are also expected to return on Friday and Saturday.

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