Video: Foyle Paddlers kayak with basking sharks

A local kayaking and canoeing club have had a delightfully close encounter with a group of basking sharks.

The group from Foyle Paddlers were kayaking off the coast of Malin Head when they were joined by a large number of basking sharks, who swam around and alongside them.

A basking shark swims alongside a Foyle Paddlers kayaker.

A basking shark swims alongside a Foyle Paddlers kayaker.

There have been many sightings of the huge fish, as well as dolphins and minke whales off the coast of Inishowen in recent weeks, attributed in part to an increase in temperatures.

While basking sharks are the second biggest fish in the oceans they are docile and eat plankton.

Malin Head is one of the world’s top locations for basking sharks and a number of them have been tagged there by the Irish Basking Shark Project.

The project’s Emmett Johnston, who lives in Inishowen, told the Journal how one tagged in Malin Head ended up in Africa while others stay around for a while.

Foyle Paddlers was set up by a group of local volunteers who run the club for people of all ages and abilities. They are supported by the Loughs Agency, who provide safety equipment, training and kayaks.

You can check them out at or at Foyle Paddlers on facebook.