Video - Louis Walsh: Inside the Enterprize Studio

In a rare visit to Northern Ireland, Louis Walsh delivered a masterclass to North West Regional College students, as part of the ‘Inside the Enterprize Studio’ programme, run by the college.

During a candid interview, the music mogul shared his expertise, experience and advice, with a full capacity audience, of young media and Arts students, at the Foyle Theatre.

Louis Walsh at NWRC

Louis Walsh at NWRC

Louis’ advice for young people trying to get into the music industry was “rehearse, rehearse, rehearse…”

The X factor judge also advocated the importance of “being nice to people,” when developing contacts. However his mantra from the event was “if you want to do something, just go do it…” He encouraged the audience not to the disheartened by the comments of others in the pursuit of their career ambitions and said, “…there is no reason you can’t do it, and I’m living proof of that.”

The event was attended by Music, Performing Arts, Journalism, Business and Media students, who got a chance to ask the household name questions following the interview.

The event was also attended by Derry born performer, Jordan O’Keefe, who is trying to capitalise on his Britain’s Got Talent success.

Also among the crowd was Johnny Murray, a prominent figure in the music scene in Northern Ireland and former Derry Jazz festival organiser. Johnny Murray’s manager, in his days as a showband performer, where none other than guest speaker Louis Walsh.

The former Boyzone and Westlife manager, discussed how the music industry has changed since he began, as a promoter/ manager in the showband era. He advised aspiring artists to use social media to get their big break.

He said, “…one of the best ways to get noticed these days is on Youtube.” However, he warned that such self-promotion was not a substitute for talent or gaining experience preforming live.

The event covered very practical information about the development of talent scout’s career. Students heard about the variety of roles the music industry offers in addition to performers including; managers, promoters, tour managers and producers. The former Girls Aloud manager was honest about the difficulties of the industry, including the job of trying to keep stars grounded but also the joys of working in a creative industry with interesting people.

Principal of North West Regional College, Leo Murphy, said the event highlighted the importance of enhancing the quality of education through contact with industry professionals.

Following the success of this first “Inside the Enterprize Studio” event, the intention is for this to be something the college continues with. It hopes to facilitate similar events for students from other disciplines in the near future to continue to boost the employment opportunities for NWRC students.