VIDEO: ‘Martin McGuinness - My Hero Granda’

One of Martin McGuinness’ grandchildren has paid an emotional tribute to him in a short YouTube video called ‘Martin McGuinness - My Hero Granda’.

Thirteen year-old, Oisín Hargan, posted the heartfelt video on on Thursday and already it has been watched more than 5,000 times.

One of the photos included in Oisin's video.

One of the photos included in Oisin's video.

“This video is based on a man that I am proud to say is my grandfather and forever will be,” said Oisín

“I hope you enjoy and words can’t describe how much I love him,” he added.

The video includes a clip of Martin McGuinness taking part in the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ in his back garden a few years ago as well as family photographs.

Martin McGuinness passed away on March 21 aged 66 and his funeral took place in Derry on March 23.

Visit Oisín’s YouTube channel here.