VIDEO - Never before seen Holocaust footage to screen at Foyle Film Festival

No matter how many films are made or books written about the Holocaust it will forever continue to evoke sadness, anger and force humanity to ask questions of itself.

The Holocaust is without question one of the darkest and most sinister periods in modern history.

A still from 'Night Will Fall'.

A still from 'Night Will Fall'.

Films, documentaries, music and books, the different ways people chose to express their feelings over the genocide is endless.

‘Night Will Fall’ is a film about the Holocaust and it will receive its Northern Ireland premiere at the Brunswick Moviebowl on Saturday evening.

The film focuses particularly on what unimaginable horror was discovered by camera men who accompanied the British forces into Poland and Germany at the end of the Second World War in 1945.

Sally Angel produced ‘Night Will Fall’ and she will give the film a special introduction before its screening at the Foyle Film Festival tomorrow. Sally said it was her desire for the film to educate and inform a new generation of the reality of the Holocaust and she explained why showing it at the Foyle Film Festival was such an honour.

A still from 'Night Will Fall'.

A still from 'Night Will Fall'.

“It’s a huge privilege for us to be able to show our film at the Foyle Film Festival.

“I’ve never been to Derry before but I am really looking forward to exploring the place - I am really excited.”

She added: “Sometimes you think that all has been told that can be told about the Holocaust but this material is new to people in their teens and in their twenties. I want this film to inform people about what actually happened when the death camps were first discovered by camera men joined the British forces as they made their way towards Berlin at the end of the war.”

The footage used to make ‘Night Will Fall’ is taken from Sidney Bernstein commissioned documentary which was made by world famous director, Alfred Hitchcock.

A movie still from 'Night Will Fall'.

A movie still from 'Night Will Fall'.

The footage had never been seen until it was discovered during the 1980s at the Berlin Film Festival. ‘Night Will Fall’ uses some already seen and never before seen footage in the documentary.

‘Night Will Fall’ is directed by Andre Singer who worked as an executive producer on the brilliant Academy Award nominated ‘Act of Killing’.

Interestingly, not only will the film be screened at the Brunswick Moviebowl but a special screening will take place later today for 

“I am really excited about showing the film to two completely different audiences. Some people have questioned whether it’s suitable for a younger audience but I believe that it’s essential a new generation get to see this film.

“One of the most interesting aspects of the film that I hope the audience will share is how the camera exists within two contexts. The first being as a device for evidence gathering - the camera men who went in with the British forces never expected to discover such horrors like they did. The Nazis attempted to cover up everything up but the camera was able to record everything.

“The second way the camera exists within this documentary is by expressing anger. Some say they find it hard to watch some of the scenes where the camera lingers on a particular image but I think the cameramen showed tremendous courage in 
doing so.”

The footage used in ‘Night Will Fall’ is completely digitally re-mastered.

‘Night Will Fall’ will be broadcast on Channel 4 in January 2015.

‘Night Will Fall’ will screen at the Brunswick Moviebowl on Saturday November 22 at 8:00pm. For more information visit