VIDEO - Porsche driver almost causes head-on collision

A slipper-wearing Porsche driver almost caused a head-on collision while overtaking on a blind bend when she was going to 'pick her husband up from the pub'.

Tuesday, 16th August 2016, 2:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th August 2016, 4:40 pm
The moment a Porsche just about avoided a head-on collision.

Carnaby man, Damian Hodgson, was driving on the B1253 between Rudston and Bridlington when a woman driver of a Porsche Cayenne put several lives in jeopardy when overtaking on the dangerous corner.

The dash cam footage shows the driver overtake Damian and then the Citroen in front before seeing an oncoming Skoda.

As a result, the Skoda mounted the grass verge while the Porsche veered into the Citroen, leaving damage on both vehicles before speeding away.

The moment a Porsche just about avoided a head-on collision.

“We were in complete shock,” said the 35-year-old.

“We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. We were just getting up to the national speed limit and we were approaching a slow moving tractor and then the Porsche just came flying past. We genuinely thought it was a definite head-on collision.”

Damian, who had five passengers in his car including his wife and two children, aged two and five, stopped to speak with the Skoda driver, whose car was miraculously unharmed, to see a girl aged around 10 years old in the front passenger seat in tears.

Damian continued on the road towards Bridlington when he saw the Porsche and Citroen drivers pulled to the side of the road.

The moment a Porsche just about avoided a head-on collision.

He stopped to see the elderly couple in the Citroen in complete shock with the Porsche driver, who is believed to have only caused cosmetic damage to both vehicles.

The parties exchanged details with one another.

“The Porsche driver told me she thought she was going to die. She was shaking like a leaf and on the edge of crying as she knew she had done wrong. She was hugging the Citroen driver and was apologetic.

“She did tell me she always overtakes at that spot though. She said she was picking her husband up from the pub and was wearing a pair of slippers. It’s no excuse to be overtaking on a blind bend.”

This was the second incident Damian has captured on his dash cam after buying one 19 days ago following a crash while he was on holiday in Florida.

“It so easily could have been us. It is just not worth even thinking about though. With the width of my seven seater, if we were in the position of the Citroen, there would have been nowhere for the Porsche to have gone and it could have been fatal.

“If people do not have dash cams, then there is no evidence to what happened at the collision. I’m glad I’ve got mine now.”

Damian offered the footage of the incident, on August 14 at 5.15pm, to the drivers of the Skoda and Citroen for evidence, but both declined.

“The incident was pretty horrific with some appalling driving,” Damian said. “At the end of the day, the quick thinking of the Skoda driver has saved the day.

“If anything comes off this, it is hopefully that the lady Porsche driver has learned a lesson and she will not put others in danger again.”