VIDEO - Public condemned for rubbish dumping

Members of the public have been condemned for dumping rubbish outside civic amenity sites whilst Derry City Council (DCC) workers manned picket lines yesterday.

People using cars with both Northern Ireland and Donegal number plates were seen throwing rubbish at the side of the road, near the civic amenity site, in Pennyburn Industrial Estate last night.

Rubbish dumped outside a Derry City Council civic amenity site in Pennyburn Industrial Estate yesterday.

Rubbish dumped outside a Derry City Council civic amenity site in Pennyburn Industrial Estate yesterday.

The clean-up operation started this morning with DCC workers John McCusker and Charlie Holden having to clear the collection of rubbish from the side of the road. Contractor, Ian Cooke, also assisted in the clean-up.

“One woman turned up this morning while we were cleaning up and she just threw the rubbish at my feet. I kindly asked her to put the rubbish in the bin lorry but she just said ‘that’s your f**king job’. I couldn’t believe it - this is the support we get when we go on strike,” said John.

The footpath outside the civic amenity site was almost impassable with countless plastic bags of household waste, television sets, sanitary towels, dirty underwear and broken children’s toys.

SDLP Derry City Councillor, John Boyle, SDLP strongly condemned those responsible.

“I cannot fathom the selfish attitude of people who decided to dump their rubbish at the locked gates of the City Council civic amenity sites during Thursday’s one day strike. Closure notices were prominently posted on the gates informing people that the sites were closed due to industrial action and that they would be open for business the next day.

“It is a disgrace that these notices were ignored and that people took it upon themselves to simply abandon their rubbish in the street outside. There were mounds of waste piled high lining the pavements. It is hard to believe that people couldn’t simply take their rubbish away and come back the next day. What difference would one day have made?.”

He added: “I am encouraging Council officials to investigate the bags to discover who was responsible and to take appropriate action. The people who fly tipped their rubbish obviously had no concern for the workers at the local dumps.

“These workers were simply taking the only action open to them to highlight their feelings about rates of pay and they were faced with piles of rubbish when they returned to work. Solidarity with the workers was certainly not on the minds of the selfish individuals who discarded their unwanted items at the gates.”