Video: Two months after the deluge Inishowen has been abandoned and this would not be tolerated anywhere else: Pádraig Mac Lochlainn

Pádraig Mac Lochlainn has blasted the Dublin government for abandoning Inishowen two months after flash floods devastated the peninsula, suggesting such inaction would not be tolerated anywhere else in Ireland.

In an impassioned intervention in the Seanad on Wednesday Senator Mac Lochlainn raised the plight of Cockhill Celtic, Swan Park, Glenevin waterfall, and local farmers, all of which were severely affected by the August disaster.

Cockhill Celtic, for example, had two pitches destroyed and suffered hundreds of thousands of euros worth of damage.

“Even though the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport and the Chief Whip were on the pitch within a few days, two months later the club has no idea if it will get any money or financial assistance from the Government,” said the local senator.

“It is completely unacceptable that a senior sporting organisation, that fields eight different teams and facilitates 300 young people in my community, has been devastated by the floods and left with no financial support from the Government and has received no clarification after two months,” he added.

Meanwhile, Swan Park also remains closed.

“It has been destroyed,” said Senator Mac Lochlainn. “Again, there has been no clarification issued by the Government about whether funding will be provided. The same applies to Glenevin Waterfall. Potato and crop growers have had their lives destroyed and suffered financial losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of euro. Again, the Government has not clarified what will happen.”

The Buncrana-native suggested the uncertainty was yet another example of Inishowen being left behind by a remote and disinterested Dublin government.

“Such a situation would not be allowed to happen anywhere else in this State. Now that the cameras have gone the people have been left behind. There is no way a major sporting or community amenity in one town that has been destroyed should be left without a clarification, two months on, about where funding will come from.”