VIDEO - ‘Weather Bomb’ waves hit Donegal

Waves five times the height of a double-decker were recorded off the West coast of Donegal on Wednesday.

The meteorological device used by Met Éireann to measure the height of waves off the coast of Donegal is called the M4 Donegal Buoy and on Thursday it measured a Significant Wave Height (SWH) of 15.7m at 11:00am. It is a new record for the M4 Donegal Buoy.

Waves off the coast of Donegal this week.

Waves off the coast of Donegal this week.

The term SWH denotes the average of the highest third of wave heights over a period. The previous highest SWH was 15.2m recorded earlier this year on January 26.

The buoy also recorded an individual wave of 21.5m around the same time which is less than the 23.4m record individual wave also recorded earlier this year in January.

The record for the highest Significant Wave Height measured by the buoy network is still 17.2m recorded at the M6 buoy on December 9, 2007.

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