VIDEO Woman of the Year Deborah McGlinchey is better than Beckham

Deborah celebrates with family and friends.
Deborah celebrates with family and friends.

Derry woman Deborah McGlinchey has been crowned the city’s ‘Woman of the Year’ at an event in the City Hotel.

Martina McCafferty who nominated Deborah described her as an “absolute shining light” and praised the work she does with Bolt Running Club in the city.

“When Deborah comes into a room it lights up,” said Martina.

“She does so much work, she is a tireless hero and I think people should know her story. She is a fantastic role model.”

In her nomination Martina said if someone asked her who she’d choose to live with her on a desert island - Deborah or David Beckham she’d choose Deborah in a heartbeat.

“Deborah is surviving cancer on a daily basis, she has taken a limitation and turned it into an opportunity.

“She has taken an opportunity and turned it into an adventure by dreaming big, not for herself but for hundreds of men and woman across the city.

“Deborah has encouraged individuals to do the impossible, exercise for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. Deborah has changed people’s mindsets and lifestyle choices about their physical and mental health and well being through the simple decision to take up running.”

Deborah thanked all her family and friends who came out to support her.

“It has been overwhelming,” she said.

Deborah explained how she was just getting back on her feet when she was struck with ill health a second time. “I could have sat down but I was driven by the fact that my friends and people I exercise with were getting on with it.”