Vigil for refugee crisis to be held in Derry on Thursday

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A vigil will be held at 5pm in Guildhall Square this Thursday, September 3rd, to demand that the European Union open its borders and let in refugees fleeing war-torn regions of the Middle East and Africa.

The gathering is being organised by People Before Profit who say it is in response to the anger felt by so many people who feel that government authorities are not acting to help the “obviously desperate” refugees.

The vigil is being supported by trade union Unison’s Community Branch and speakers have been invited from the North West Migrants’ Forum and the NI Council for Ethic Minorities.

Spokesperson for the group, Eamonn McCann said: “Many, perhaps most, people are heart-sore at the plight of these migrants, who are forced by EU immigration rules to risk their lives in order to find safety. There is huge support for opening the borders and letting them in, as Germany has done, for example. The outpouring of solidarity towards the people arriving in Greece and Italy is in stark contrast to the response of the EU and especially Britain.

“Many are asking ‘have our rulers no hearts?

“All of these countries have been devastated by wars in which western imperial countries have played a central role. When these wars have been raging, all too often it is ordinary people, taking to the streets, who have been the conscience of the world. It seems this is the case now too, as millions flee those wars.”

People are asked to assemble at Guildhall Square at 5pm.