Vote Durkan - Hume says Mark is the only man for the job

Jackie and Mark Durkan with John and Pat Hume.
Jackie and Mark Durkan with John and Pat Hume.

Nobel laureate John Hume and his wife Pat have urged the people of Derry to “come out in strength” on Thursday May 7 in support of SDLP Foyle Westminster candidate Mark Durkan.

John Hume said: “Mark Durkan is a man of great integrity who will continue to work tirelessly for all the people of Derry.

“Close to my heart has been Mark’s recent success in debates and committees at Westminster in getting the Treasury to agree to allow Northern Ireland credit unions to offer a wider range of services.

“I have been involved in the Credit Union movement since I was a very young man and I know that this is a huge success which is welcomed by our local credit unions and will make a real difference to people here.”

Pat Hume added: “John and I have known Mark for over thirty years, and we know just how deeply he cares about the people of our city.

“He is also regarded as an excellent legislator with a huge degree of influence at Westminster.

“The people of Derry need a strong, positive and progressive voice in the House of Commons – not least to oppose future cuts which attack the unemployed, the sick and disabled, and hard-pressed families.

“Mark is also an enormous asset to have in helping drive forward economic growth in Derry through his vision for a ‘City Deal’ which would create more and more jobs for our young people.

“I have no doubts the people of Derry will come out in strength on May 7 and stand shoulder to shoulder with him, just as they stood with John and me over many years.”