'Vulnerable person' approached by would-be extortionist over blue bin contamination, says councillor

Angela Dobbins.
Angela Dobbins.

A reported extortion attempt by someone claiming to be a Derry City and Strabane District Council employee was raised at a meeting of the local authority's Environment and Regeneration Committee on Wednesday.

Committee chair, SDLP Councillor, Angela Dobbins, told members she had been made aware that a "vulnerable person" in Carnhill had been approached by someone claiming to represent the council and asked to pay a charge because they had, it was claimed, contaminated one of the local authority's blue recycling bins.

Both Colr. Dobbins and the council's Head of Environment, Conor Canning, said this would never happen under council rules and practices and urged anyone who suffered such an approach to contact waste services immediately.

More on this story later.